Welcome to TRANSEE


Welcome to TRANSEE


Reach the international audience with your audio and videos.

Audiovisual translation services are becoming increasingly more popular in the business world.Wen it comes voice-overs, it has to be done professionally or the audiovisual can end up to look and sound amateurish. A quality audiovisual can have many benefits for your business. Regardless of whether your business is small-sized or a multinational, if done properly, a great audio-visual done by a audio translator or voice-over artist, can be an invaluable promotional tool that can be used well into the future.

At Transee our audio translators and voice-over artists create top-quality audiovisuals through our professional transcription services, audiovisual translation services, video subtitling services, voice-overs, and other translation solutions.


Do you have an audio recording or video footage that you want to be transcribed professionally? Our experts at Transee can assist. Our professional transcribers can transcribe any form of material, language or length to its accurate written version, timeously and accurately. Additionally, our audio translators can aid in translating your transcription into as many languages as you require.

With our team of globally experienced experts working 24-hours a day, we can carry out any project regardless of the complexity or scope.


If you want to add professional subtitles to your video footage, our skilled team at Transee can assist with our video subtitling services. Quality subtitles make videos more appealing and allow those who do not speak the language of the video to understand its message.

No matter what language you require for your video’s subtitles, our subtitle experts can assist. We are able to translate into over 100 languages! Our experts ensure that all subtitles provided to you are free of errors, follow the correct spelling and grammar rules, and are completed in a timely manner. Our video subtitling services are second to none.

Voice Over

Whether it is a television, radio or online commercial, a video game or just a voice on a phone, Transee can assist with all your voice-overs.

We have access to more than 8,000 professional and talented voice actors in more than 100 languages. Our team are able to offer you top-quality voice-over services at affordable rates and will always complete your project on time.

We also make sure your project is completely confidential, as we believe in the privacy of our clients. Regardless of whether if it is a short voice-over or a lengthy one, with the aid of our voice-over experts, you get a quality job done at the fastest turnaround time possible.

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