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Professional Game Localization Services

Game Text Translation
Game QA
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We seek to enable all global players to feel intimate with games and focus on bright game features.
We provide various kinds of game-related services on your demand for successful global launch of your game products.

"Bridge Players and Games Together upon Our Best Quality Services"
A Forever Commitment Made to Customers by Transee

Transee provides localization and translation services to businesses and individuals on a global scale. We offer quality translation at reasonable prices in over 260 language pairs. With thousands of native and industry-specific linguists worldwide, we work around the clock to deliver projects in the fastest turnaround times to our clients.

Perfect Quality

Backed by a diligent QA system, a wide talent pool of professional, experienced linguists, and the latest technologies, we guarantee nothing less than a perfect quality of our services


Passionate Team

We believe an excellent external service begins internally. Our talented engineers, creative graphic designers, dedicated project managers, and in-country, highly qualified linguists all passionately and cooperatively work together in a highly productive environment that we are keen on maintaining


Best Time Pilots

We are committed to serving customers in their local time zones, meeting all clients’ requirements in a timely manner while maintaining a consistently incomparable service


Transee globally supports over 100 language combinations, with more than 100 languages supported, we would be pleased to assist you with any type of translation project you may have. We combine linguistic proficiency and subject matter expertise with an understanding of patent literature based on several years of experience.

Transee Quality Policy

All our jobs are carried out in line with our quality policy. Transee main scope of activity is to provide translation and software localization services for local and foreign companies. Our primary objective is to deliver a service of the highest quality in every aspect, which meets our customers’ requirements and expectations.

  • We maintain ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System, treating it as a tool to improve customer satisfaction
  • We continuously develop our services and tools to meet our customers’ requirements at the highest possible level
  • We assess any risks and opportunities in our processes to continuously improve our Quality Management System
  • When selecting our suppliers, we evaluate the circumstances that may affect the quality of our activities carried out with their contribution, and we expect them to identify with our quality objectives
  • We continuously evaluate and verify the work of our suppliers and employees to ensure that the final product delivered to the customer always meets the requirements
  • We continuously assess and improve the software and hardware we use in our work. Our colleagues and suppliers accept our quality policy, and are bound by them during the course of their work

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