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Translator Team

Having worked in translation for over 20 years, Transee has built up a strong group of talented translators from around the world, and has been ISO 9001 and ISO 17100 certified. Transee is also a member of top translator associations, including the Translators Association of China, American Translators Association, ECM, etc. So far, Transee has over 20,000 globally-certified native language translators that have been assessed and selected through a round-by-round process, covering over 150 languages including English, Russian, Japanese, Korean, German, Spanish, French, Arabic, etc. Our team is composed of elite translators that understand the language and culture of their respective countries, and also hardcore gamers who dabble in the entertainment culture, such as games or comics, in their countries. With their high competence in game localization that is light-years ahead of everybody else in the industry, our team has assisted hundreds of game developers in overcoming the cultural conflicts in foreign games and achieving a soft-landing for their cultural exports.


14 Years

Chinese (Native Language), Japanese, English

With 14 years of translation experience, Yanagi has a CATTI qualification and a Japanese Interpretation Level 2 certification. She has previously provided services to customers such as Huawei, Gartner, Tencent, NetEase Games, Toyota, Mitsubishi, etc.

Game localization achievements: Dynasty Warriors 8:Empires, Chain Chronicle, Sleeping Beauty (all-round localization) Onmyoji (written and on-site consecutive interpreting for an offline event) Onmyoji Arena (written translation) Legend of the Galactic Heroes (subtitle translation) NetEase Games 520 (on-site consecutive interpretation)


6 Years

Thai (Native Language), English, Korean

With 16 years of translation experience. Bantita is very familiar with Asian culture and used to live and study in Korea. She’s been working on game localization ever since she graduated. She has offered services for Level Up Games (a game publishing studio running in the Philippines and Brazil), Pearl Abyss, Funigloo (a Korean game developer), etc.

Game localization achievements: Black Desert Online, Latae W (localized translation and editing)


7 Years in Game Localization

Japanese (Native Language), English

Ara has a Master’s degree from Tokyo Metropolitan University. As a game enthusiast, he's very familiar with the skills and strategies of video games. With7 years game localization experience, he is particularly skilled in game-related localization services such as game publishing, developer interviews, game updates, interpretation of game skills, market trends, gamer communities, etc. He used to work as a commentator for Japan's official media of Hearthstone , and also a professional e-sports player at the same time.


20 Years

Malay (Native Language), English, Chinese

Roslindawati graduated from the University of Technology Malaysia as a top student. She has an ITNM translator and editor certification, and 20 years have given her a rich experience in translation. She works in multiple translation industries, including IT, games, marketing, law, healthcare, etc. With a mature localization skillset for different types, styles and markets of games, she is very familiar with the process of game localization and is particularly skilled at editing, LQA, etc.


15 Years

Japanese (Native Language), Spanish (Peru), English

Seikoh has 15 years of translation experience, including over 10 years of experience in game localization. Due to his love for games, he used to study video game programing in Chongguang College, and knows a lot about how games are developed. He also used to work as a localization manager in Nextory and Keywords International.


16 Years

Czech (Native Language), English

With a Doctor's degree from the University of Chemistry and Technology, Prague, Ondrej has been working on localized translation in industries such as gaming, chemicals, gambling and lottery games, marketing and IT for 16 years. He has ample experience and great achievements in games with over 6 million words translated and edited.

He has previously taken charge of localization around 100 games, such as The Lord of the Rings: The Battle for Middle-earth, Surfing, Prince of Persia, King's Bounty: Armored Princess, the Assassin's Creed series, Resurrection, Miner Wars, Sniper Elite, Ghost Recon: Wildlands and the Total War series. In 2012, Assassin's Creed III was officially identified as the best localized game and given a prosperity award by the Czech Game Developers Association.


11 Years

Chinese (Native Language), English, Japanese

Zoe has 11 years of experience in translation and editing, and has completed over 2 million words in multiple industries, such as IT, law, gaming, websites and finance. She has previously offered localization services to customers such as GE, HP and Unreal Engine.

Game localization achievements: Empire of Ember, Unturned, The Banner Saga , Grow: Song of the Evertree and localization of Malaysian game websites.


6 Years

Japanese (Native Language), English

With years of experience in the IT industry, Yosuke has a rich experience in technology development and data support in the game industry. He is also very fond of gaming, familiar with game functions and operations, technical testing, etc. For game localization projects, he can provide highly-effective technical testing, data analysis and market support. He has previously worked on the localization, functional testing and other related fields for multiple games such as Ace Attorney and Kara no Shōjo (literally, Girl of the Shell).


14 Years

Korean (Native Language), Japanese

With 14 years of specialized translation experience in video and mobile games, Eunji Lee is familiar with the process of game development and localization, and she is particularly skilled in the translation, interpretation, LQA, development, market distribution and other such fields in the gaming industry. She has previously worked as a game localization manager for well-known game companies such as Ntreev Soft, Gamepot, COLOPL and Cybird.

Game localization achievements: Trickster Online, White Cat Project, Dragon Project, Boys Over Flowers, White Cat Tennis, etc.


10 Years

Egyptian (Native Language), Arabic (Official Language), English

With 10 years of translation experience and a major in English literature, Fathi Saad has laid a solid foundation for and has a rich experience in translation, editing and reviewing content, especially in the localization of literature, videos, games, education, advertising, etc. He has previously offered translation services to companies such as Endpoint, Stepes, TranslationsInLondon, and has translated, edited and reviewed over 10 million words. For game localization projects, he often works as a translator, editor, LQA and other such roles. He is one of our backbone game localization translators.


22 Years

French (Native Language), English, Spanish

With 22 years of translation experience, Nicolas is highly skilled in the localization of video games, science fiction, websites, apps, etc. He has previously worked for companies such as Lionbridge, Keywords Studio, App Annie, Native Prime, Studio Arki, DL Multimedia, Usspeaking, Loc4games, and has also taken full charge of localization-related business.

Game localization achievements: Dreadnought, Bear With Me: The Complete Collection, Pathfinder: Kingmaker, The Martian, World of Warcraft, Assassin's Creed, Dragon Age, The Horus Heresy, Warhammer: Age of Sigmar, Pot Farm, Dragon War, The Smurfs Village, etc.

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