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About Us
Making All Languages Accessible to Every Gamer in the World

Transee is a leader in game localization in China. To advocate and fulfill its motto of "Making All Languages Accessible to Every Gamer in the World", Transee is highly dedicated to providing global game developers with a one-stop, high-quality translation service, with high translation efficiency and high-cost performance.

By innovating text, creating scenes, providing community support, collecting data etc., Transee helps developers release their games in their corresponding target markets. While becoming an important driving force that boosts international cultural exchange and improves social benefits, Transee allows gamers from across the world to experience highly-quality game scenes, create immersive gameplay and achieve emotional resonance among gamers.



Example Cases


Our Strength

  • In Business for 20+ Years
    Transee has been operating in the translation industry for over 20 years, and provides global corporations with a comprehensive range of localization services. We conduct business and have customers from over 60 countries across five continents, and work in around 50 vertical fields.
  • 20,000+ Native Translators
    All native translators have over 10 years of translation experience and certified professional qualifications from their corresponding countries, such as CATTI, NAATI and ITNM.
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  • Qualifications
    Transee is currently ISO 9001 and ISO 17100 certified, and is a member of top translators associations, including Translators Association of China, American Translators Association, ECM, UKAS, etc.
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  • 150+ Languages
    Transee not only covers common global languages such as English, Mandarin, French, Russian, Spanish and Arabic, but also minority languages from different countries and regions such as Japanese, Korean, Thai, Turkish, Finnish, etc.
  • 20+ Professional Tools
    Including memoQ, Trados, Smartling, Memsource, XTM, Ws X-Bench, Verifika, etc.
  • Recommended by Over 98% of Customers
    To provide customers with professional localization services, Transee strictly complies with ISO 9001:2015 to ensure high-quality translation, and supervises its translation process in strict accordance with TEP for 100% customer satisfaction.


Our Advantages


Service Process

  • 01

    Project Start-up

    Consultation, make a request, free test translation, project approval and down payment.

  • 02


    Read through pre-translated text, understand characters, play-test the game, clarify styles and prepare reference content.

  • 03

    Start Translation

    Translation process (text translation, image localization), provide feedback, optimize and update content, and review translated versions.

  • 04


    Provide voice samples, confirm tones, start dubbing, review dialogues, discuss optimizations and complete the dubbing project.

  • 05

    Combine Content

    Including images, dubbing, subtitles, etc. Then, review the product with multiple parties and carry out an LQA, and discuss potential optimizations.

  • 06

    In-Game Tests

    Carry out functional LQA tests, language tests, testing by local gamers, and identify the errors found in test results.

  • 07


    Deliver the finished product, carry out modifications based on feedback from customers, optimize the final draft, complete the balancing payment and deliver the completed final draft.


Corporate Culture

  • Our Mission

    To make original games more down-to-earth and boost their popularity both domestically and internationally.

  • Our Vision

    To integrate global skill resources and become a professional service platform that is highly favored among customers.

  • Our Core Values

    To behave with sincerity, conduct business with integrity, place the customer first and act with a resource-centered philosophy.

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