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With 20 years of translation experience, 150+ target languages, 250+ language pairs, 20,000+ native language translators and 285 million words translated annually, Transee has assisted in the export and localization of over 5000 games, including My Tank Regiment, Ace Attorney, Viscera Cleanup Detail, Phantom, Shin Megami Tensei, Dark Reign, NieR: Automata, Dragalia Lost, etc. Transee has also made a market breakthrough that has accumulatively achieved 2.7 billion downloads and 300 million daily active users, and received likes from 98% of customers.

What is mentioned above is not just data, but actual achievements that Transee has made, step by step!


Example Cases

Project: My Tank Regiment


Customer Feedback: Transee did a very nice job! Within a very short duration, they carried out a comprehensive localization process consisting of text translation, dubbing, reviewing, quality inspection, etc. It was very nice working with Transee.

Language Pair: Chinese - Arabic

Type: MOBA mobile game

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Project: Code A (Customer requested confidentiality)


Customer Feedback: When we develop games and release them in other countries, we do so with the intention of bringing the fun and excitement of the game to a wider audience. For the essence of the work or humorous or exciting elements, Transee is able to express it in

Language pair: American English - Chinese

Type: MOBA

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Project: Code B


Customer Feedback: Having worked with Transee a couple of times, they have never neglected the quality and always stuck to the schedule. They worked very diligently and reported their progress on a regular basis. Overall, it was a very nice experience working with Transee.

Language Pair: Chinese - English (Australia)

Type: RPG

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Project: Code C


Customer Feedback: エラーの訂正を完了し、損失を減らすためにご協力いただきありがとうございました。 そんなプロフェッショナリズムが信頼できるのです 次回も一緒に仕事ができることを楽しみにしていますし、信じています (Thank you Transee for helping us correct our product and reduce our losses. Their expertise is well worth trusting! I hope and believe we will work together again in the future!)

Language Pair: Japanese - Arabic (Egypt)

Type: RTS

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Project: Kara no Shōjo (literally, Girl of the Shell)


Customer Feedback: In addition to the quality, Transee deserves praise for taking other aspects into account, such as our position, including the date of delivery, expenses, gaming markets, etc.

Language Pair: Japanese - English (Western countries)

Type: Simulation Game

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